Vector Systems and the Environment

"Vector Systems, Inc. puts action behind our commitment to a cleaner environment. We care about our planet, and we care about everyone in the communities in which we manufacture and in those where our products are placed into use. Vector maintains an active commitment to uphold high standards in environmental stewardship, and we will continue to lead our industry in innovation and quality of products and processes toward further environmental benefit."

James B. Ovens, President, Vector Systems, Inc.

Vector Systems Inc.'s commitment to the environment spans more than two decades and is reflected in the continuous improvement in our processes and products. We have long been committed not only to providing the means for our clients to monitor and control their systems for maximum efficiency and minimal waste, but also encourage and support good corporate and community citizenship by following our own meticulous guidelines for reduced environmental impact in our own facilities.

Further, Vector Systems designs and manufactures process control systems for the renewable energy sector, bringing leadership in quality and innovation to this critical and growing part of the world economy. Our products have helped to manage and reduce pollutants released into the air from customers in a variety of industries in a number of countries around the globe.

As a reflection of our commitment to the environment, Vector Systems commits to: