Fuel Gas Conditioning

If reliable and efficient operation of your boiler, fired heater, gas turbine or other combustion device is paramount then clean, low moisture fuel is a must. Mineral containing moisture, debris, and other impurities can plague you with lost time and cost because of maintenance. Don’t let that happen to you!

Vector Systems, Inc. can custom design the right package up front in the system to deliver natural, refinery, and a multitude of other fuels that will allow long term operation of your combustion equipment.  Most of these systems can be packaged into a single skid, offering a turnkey solution to simplify installation and smooth integration into your plant.

Vector can work directly from your Datasheets, or Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams to produce the package you need.  Alternately, our designers have the experience to develop the design from scratch based upon your incoming conditions and needed outputs. In early stages Vector can select the proper components, order, and configuration needed to deliver the right solution.

You decide on where VSI fits best into your project.

Common Components:

Here are just a few of the components and systems that can be combined to deliver the right conditions:

Knock-out Drum: For the really wet and dirty gases. This device drops the velocity of the gas and allows the larger containments to drop out and be removed.

Scrubber: Purpose: to catch any slugs of liquid and to reduce solid and liquid loading of the downstream filter/coaleser.  It also protects the pressure regulators from solids loading.

Filter/coalescer: Catches solid particles (rust, mill scale, and debris) and entrained liquids.  “Oil smoke” travels in the 0.1 to 3 micron range.

Dew Point Heater: Designed to heat the fuel gas above the dew point to keep any remaining moisture in gas form.  If the gas is below saturation, then the gas from the filter/coalescer is essentially at the dew point.  Common Configurations:

  • Electric heat
  • Steam exchanger
  • Fuel fired water-bath

Common Drain Tank: Used to manifold all the equipment drains to a common point for later disposal.

Instrumentation: Can be configured for manual use to fully automated – Choose your level of monitoring and control.

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