Press Releases

  • Vector Systems to design and build ammonia storage, transfer and control systems for muliple Texas refineries.
  • Vector Systems to build a combination storage and control system for ammonia at a hospital in Texas.
  • Vector contracted to design and build two enclosed water pump stations for power plant in Missouri.
  • Vector to build pollution control components for use at a power plant in China.
  • Vector Systems to design and build ammonia control systems for power plants in Pennsylvania and Texas.
  • Vector Systems awarded contract to build ammonia system for plastics manufacturer in Texas.
  • Vector builds custom UL control panels for chiller controls
  • Vector builds wellhead remote controls
  • Vector designs and builds R&D systems for multiple university projects.

  • Vector awarded a contract to design and build a fuel gas conditioning skid for a power plant in North Dakota.
  • Vector to design and build ammonia systems for projects in Florida and Maryland.
  • Vector to supply an enclosed mercury control additive injection system to a plant in Indiana.
  • Vector to build ammonia systems for refineries in California and Texas.
  • Vector Systems to provide ammonia handling, control and injection system for chemical treatment plant in Oklahoma.
  • Vector to design and build an enclosed MCAI injection system for a generating station in Indiana.
  • Vector contracted to build numerous ROC boxes, battery boxes and wellhead controls for a company in Tennessee.
  • Vector awarded contract to build booth controls, monitor enclosures and control panels for defense contractor in Texas.
  • Vector Systems earns contracts to build ammonia control systems for an HRSG manufacturer on systems in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Maryland.